Identity Verification

“KISEKI” prioritizes a safer and more enjoyable dating experience for members worldwide.

We authenticate members through age and identity verification. Completing this process allows you to connect withfantastic members worldwide.

Service provider: LIQUIDINC


The information you provide for identity verification is protected with industry-leading security

Identity Verification process:


To verify your age, you’ll need a clear photo of one of these documents:

  1. Driver's license
  2. Residence Card
  3. My Number Card

Taking a photo of the document:

Take a Photo

Please ensure your photo doesn’t have the following defects, or it won’t be approved:

  1. Blurred image
  2. Poor lighting (either too dark or too light)
  3. Any covered or obscured information

Take a Photo Wrong

Taking a video selfie:

Video Selfie

For your video selfie, avoid these common mistakes to ensure approval:

  1. Blurred video
  2. Poor lighting (either too dark or too light)
  3. Face covered or partially obscured

Video Selfie Wrong

After submitting all files, age verification can take up to 10 minutes to complete.

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